"Making your day" is accomplished through the quality and day-making nature of these products, exceptional customer service, and treating you as the uniquely special person you are. Because I am the owner and the designer of not only the products but also the brand and the company I have the luxury of imagining life enhancing ideas and trying them.

I went from making soft leather bags, waist packs, and zipper pouches with a foot-treadle sewing machine at the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show to designing such products with added security features and distributing them in 200 stores and 2 major catalogs. Competition, the economic collapse, and other events beyond my control led to a new starting point. My base of retailers collapsed. Now I am free from having to support full retail pricing. 

DayMakers products include BeSafe Bags and accessories that enhance life every day, whether at home, in the neighborhood, across town, or around the world. An exceptional array of features lend to your peace of mind, protecting the accessories of your well-being from the slow forces of nature or the sudden grasp of a pickpocket! Also, the best fudge you probably ever tasted (free of corn syrup, stabilizers and chemicals) is now proudly presented as DayMakers Paradise Fudge! Please help "make our day" and tell everyone about DayMakers!

Billy Norris, Owner / Designer      Office 805-937-9160; Cell 805-406-2312; Email: [email protected]

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