This is a limited time promotion to get the word out about DayMakers, Be Safe Bags, and Paradise Fudge!

Place 5 or more items in the cart and $2.00 off each item will be automatically deducted! 

For example if you have a bag and a wallet in the cart, and add 3 6-ounce pieces of Paradise Fudge, the three pieces of fudge are $17.97 less $10 automatic discount (5 x $2), equals $7.97 for 18 oz. of gourmet fudge!

The shipping is $5.99 standard or $9.99 Priority Mail, with no limit to the number of pieces or the size of the discount in the package.

Please contact me with any questions. 
Billy Norris Owner/Designer 
Office 805-937-9160 
Cell 805-406-2312 
email: [email protected]
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