Our warranty is limited, fair, and personal. Please contact us by phone at 805-937-9160 or email at [email protected] if you need a repair or replacement due to a defect or wear. We will work with you to achieve a result you think is fair.
If you return a product without first contacting us your return postage will not be reimbursed. It may not be necessary to return a defective item and if necessary it is often less costly if we send you a prepaid return mailer. It is fine to send such an item to us without contacting us if you do not need reimbursement for return postage.

Fine print:
Our warranty is limited, fair, and personal, the same as it was in 1981 at the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show, when owner Billy Norris began making leather goods while you wait with a foot-treadle sewing machine. Your satisfaction for however long you think is fair was his original guarantee and it has since remained unchanged.
It would be easier to simply provide a one-year warranty, which is generally accepted as fair. However, such a policy does not cover products that are rarely used. Some products are owned for years, but only receive a few weeks of use each year. Is it fair to say the warranty has expired in such situations? We think not!

Usage and conditions vary from situation to situation, which is why our warranty is about fairness, not an arbitrary passage of time. Our intention with this warranty is to provide you with the value you expect for your money. We have found that leaving warranty decisions in the hands of the buyer typically results in a resolution with which we agree.
In the rare event that a problem arises with your DayMakers® product, we will recommend the proper solution of either repair or replacement. If a repair is recommended, you will decide whether there should be no charge, a modest charge or full charge. If a replacement is recommended, you will decide whether it should be replaced at no charge, at a discount, or at full price. Simple.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Billy Norris Owner/Designer DayMakers® / BeSafeBags®

Office 805-937-9160; Cell 805-406-2312; email: [email protected]

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