I started DayMakers® in 1995 with the world's first HipSafe anti-theft security waist pack. By 2005 DayMakers® anti-theft waist packs, cross-body and shoulder bags, day packs, straps, wallets and accessories were in 200 stores and two major catalogs. Supporting retailers was my job.

Competition arrived in January 2006 . Their products, merchandising expertise and capital led directly to a shrinkage of my market share. Then the economic collapse of 2008 hit everyone very hard. Retail stores that stayed in business generally chose to offer my competitors products instead of mine, choosing to offer only one line of such products. My competition offered well developed merchandising displays, sales materials and hang tags for the retailers, where I simply had great products. 

In 2010 Magellan's engaged another competitor to make private label security bags for them. This was the end of a 15 year relationship with Magellan's. 

In 2016 TravelSmith Outfitters was sold and the company that bought them did not continue buying my products. That was the end of a 19 year relationship. 

Where some family and friends saw catastrophe I saw a Blessing. For two decades I had supported full retail pricing. If Magellan's, TravelSmith, or other retailers were selling a bag for $79 then that was my price. For 20 years I had been handling design, operations, financing, logistics, etc. Keeping retailers supplied sometimes meant bringing things in by air. Now and then a strike at the Port or an in-depth Customs inspection created challenges related to deadlines. With the complete collapse of my wholesale business I am liberated to reinvent DayMakers®, selling my designs directly to the public and no longer having to support full retail pricing. This is a new beginning and there is joy in it. This is a result of your interest.

Where once I was operating a foot-treadle sewing machine facing the sidewalk, Cabrillo Boulevard and the mountains at the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show, today I am turned around, facing the ocean, and offering DayMakers® directly to you, wherever you are!

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