1.  DayMakers® shoulder bag and waist pack straps are made with a pair of 1/16" steel cables and are the best slice-proof straps on the market.  The straps on the Convertible Day Packs and on the Passport Zipper wallets have embedded steel chain to be razor slice-resistant. 

2. External zippers are secured with zipper security leashes.  

3. Other security travel bags include steel mesh in the side and bottom panels for security. I don't do this for four reasons.

        a. It isn't necessary, people generally do not cut into the sides of bags. They cut the straps to take the bag, not the bag to get what falls out.

       b. Design structure is limited by the logistics of associating steel mesh and external panels of the bag.

        c. There is a better way. I call it "Intelligent Design". Zipper pockets are over-sized with pleats. Open drop in pockets are to be found inside most of the shoulder bags. This means your valuables are easily stored away from where a person might cut into the bag.

        d. Steel mesh panels do not keep a bag from being cut. They keep things from falling out in the extremely unlikely event a bag is cut. With "Intelligent Design" a piece of cardboard, plastic, a magazine, or a few sheets of paper are sufficient to keep things from falling out of a bag if the side or bottom is cut. Depending on how you wear your DayMakers® you can insert such security barriers as desired. 

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

 Billy Norris Owner/Designer  DayMakers® / Be Safe Bags 

 Office 805-937-9160; Cell 805-406-2312; email: [email protected]

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