DayMakers® security innovations are unmatched, keeping your belongings secure every day, all around town, and all around the world.

1. DayMakers® crossbody shoulder bag and waist pack straps are cut-proof, with a pair of 1/16" steel cables embedded. Our competitors feature "slash-resistant" straps on their anti-theft products. There is a big difference between cut-proof and "slash-resistant". "Slash-resistant" cables are much easier and less expensive to work with. Cut-proof straps are the DayMakers way for crossbody bag and fanny pack strap security. 

2. Keeping your things with you is what DayMakers is all about, whether around town or around the world. Some security bag brands include steel mesh in the side and bottom panels for security. I don't do this.  There is a better way. I call it "Intelligent Design". 

Inside DayMakers bags you will find an over-sized zipper pocket with pleats, and/or open drop-in pocket(s), that are protected from being sliced through the outer walls or bottom. All of the fanny packs have the oversized zipper pocket inside. This means your valuables are easily stored away from where a person might cut into the bag or fanny pack. 

Further, you can attach valuables inside the main compartment with one or more security clip leashes by adding optional O-ring (#2022-O-ring) or swivel clip (#2022-Swivel Clip) anchor points. These are available as options for all DayMakers® bags and fanny packs, installed to your specifications here in the USA. Attach your valuables to the anchor points with the #2007 2 clip leash (textile) (#2007 leather) or the #2008 3 clip leash (textile) (#2008 leather)It is simple ($7 each) to add as many anchor points as you would like inside all bags, day packs, and fanny packs. 

Anchor point(s) are pre-installed in the following newer RFID bags. (leashes are optional). There is one anchor point in style #85028 and 2 anchor points in each of #'s 85025, 85029, 85123, 85125, 85126, and 85128! 

3. There is a security eash with a swivel clip, or a double ended security leash with a swivel clip and 0-ring, inside the straight front zipper on all zipper top bags (excluding #5001, #5002) and fanny packs, and in the key pocket inside all U-Shape styles.

4. External zippers are secured with zipper security leashes.

5. All of my zipper wallet styles include a swivel clip inside that can be used to attach your wallet to your DayMakers bag or waist pack!

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

 Billy Norris Owner/Designer  DayMakers® / Be Safe Bags 

 Office 805-937-9160; Cell 805-406-2312; email: [email protected]

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