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Silky Peppermint Butterscotch (1/2 Pound)

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Silky Blond Peppermint Paradise Fudge, all natural ingredients. No corn syrup or chemicals.
Part Number: Silky Peppermint Butterscotch (1/2 Pound)
Remaining Stock: 900
Homemade and flavored with Butterscotch chips, the ingredients in order of weight are:
Sugar, milk, butterscotch chips*, butter, evaporated milk, peppermint oil and Love (though the dominant ingredient, Love is weightless so listed last)
*Butterscotch chip ingredients: Sugar, palm kernel oil, whole milk powder, non-fat dry milk, natural flavor, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, and paprika extract (for color)
Contains milk and soy lecithin. Gluten free. 

Sugar in it’s finest moment. Satisfy a sweet tooth with the all-natural super smooth deliciousness of Paradise Fudge. It will last in your memory like a lingering sunset. If you enjoy Paradise Fudge please share with your friends and note that weekly and monthly subscriptions are available. Call for more information, Billy Norris, Ph 805-937-9160

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