One of the best uses of the Tip Jar is topping off your order when less than 5 more dollars in the cart will qualify your order for free shipping and save the $5 shipping charge. 
For instance say the products you are buying add up to $2 less than the minimum for free shipping (usually $59 minimum, this week special $39 minimum). If you add $2 by using the Tip Jar you will save the $5 shipping charge! 
Other times it may seem you are qualified for free shipping and then an automatic discount is applied and reduces your total. When your order drops below the minimum, due to automatic discounts, the Tip Jar comes in handy to save the shipping charge!

The Tip Jar is also great for tipping excellent products and service and helping DayMakers stay afloat.
I love keeping prices low, along with providing quantity discounts, value discounts, and the best service possible. 
In so doing I absorb processing expense and overhead from less revenue. 
If you care to add a tip it goes to a good cause and it is no problem if you would rather not! 

Last, tip family and friends by telling them about!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Billy Norris Owner/Designer DayMakers® / Be Safe Bags 
Office 805-937-9160; Cell 805-406-2312; email: [email protected]
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